Korean Style BBQ (Cook Your Own)


Firstly you have two choices - Set Selection or Self Selection


Select from one of our three Set Menus, which have all been seasoned the Korean way.  On the table you will also find Korean Bul Go Gi Sauce to further enhance the flavour.  All menus include Soup, Vegetables, Steamed Rice, and Tea or Coffee.

If desired you may also order extra dishes from the rest of the Menu at the prices shown.


Cook your own from the Korean BBQ and the rest of the Menu is Chef Prepared.

Set Selection

All set menus include

Steamed Rice, Soup, Vegetables and Tea or Coffee 


Set A ............ $18.80

Beef 쇠고기
or Ox Liver 소 간
or Chicken 닭 갈비
or Ox Tongue 소 혀

Set B ............ $19.80

Pork 돼지 고기
or Lamb 양고기
or Pork Rib  돼지 갈비
or Beef Rib 쇠고기 갈비



Set C ............ $19.80

Prawn 새우
or Scallop 조개살
or Fish  생선
or Squid  오징어

Set D ............ $20.80  

Chicken and Seafood  닭고기, 해물
or Pork and Seafood  돼지 고기, 해물
or Beef and Seafood  쇠고기, 해물
or Seafood Combination  해물



김치 Bean Sprout 숙주 나물

Spiced Cucumber

오이무침 Cauliflower 콜리 플라워무침

Pickled Cucumber

오이 절인 Pickled Seaweed Strip 물 미역


Korean BBQ (Cook Your Own)

1.   Beef BBQ  쇠고기 11.50
2.   Ox Liver BBQ  소 간 10
3.   Ox Tongue BBQ  소 혀 11.50 
4.   Chicken BBQ  닭 갈비 11.50 
5.   Lamb BBQ  양고기 13.50
6.   Pork BBQ  돼지 고기 11.50
7.   Pork Belly BBQ  삼겹살 12.00
8.   Pork Spare Ribs BBQ  돼지 갈비 13.50
9.   Beef Spare Ribs BBQ  쇠고기 갈비 13.50
10. Fish BBQ  생선 10.50
11. Squid BBQ  오징어 10.50
12. Prawn BBQ  새우 10.50
13. Scallop BBQ  조개 12.00
14. Seafood BBQ  해물 12.50
15. Venison BBQ  사슴 고기 16.50

Entree (Prepared by Chef)  에퍼타이져

1.   Spring Roll  스프링 롤 3.80
2.   Curry Puff    카레 퍼프  3.80
3.   Prawn Cocktail   새우 칵테일 5.50
4.   Deep Fried Squid Rings   오징어 튀긴  7.00 
5.   Oysters Natural (6)  생굴 12.50
6.   Seafood Basket  해물 바구니 9.50

Special Korean Entree (Prepared by Chef)   특별 스낵과 에퍼타이져

1. Sushi (8)  김밥 8.00
2. Pan Fried Dumpling (6)  군만두 9.00
3. Dumpling in Soup (6)  만두국 10.00
4. Fried Bean Curd (6)  두부 튀김 8.80

Vegetable (Prepared by Chef)   야채

1. Kimchee 김치 7.00 
2. Bean Sprout 숙주 나물 6.00 
3. Pickled Cucumber 오이 절인 6.00 
4. Spiced Cucumber   오이무침 6.00 
5. Cauliflower   콜리 플라워무침 6.00 
6. Pickled Seaweed Strip  물 미역 6.00

7. Assorted Vegetables

 야채 콤비네이션 7.80

(Bean Sprout, Pickled Cucumber, Spiced Cucumber and Cauliflower, Seaweed)


Fast Course (Prepared by Chef)               빨리되는 요리

1. Meat and Kim Chee Noodle Soup  고기 김치 국물 12.00 
2. Seafood and Kim Chee Noodle Soup   김치 해물 국물 13.00
3. Fried Noodle with Meat and Vegetables   고기 야채 볶음 국수 12.50
4. Fried Noodle with Seafood and Vegetables   해물 야채 볶음 국수 13.50
5. Fried Noodle with Mixed Vegetables   야채 볶음 국수 10.50
6. Special Fried Rice   볶음밥 9.50
7. Steamed Rice (per person)    2.50 

Dessert (Prepared by Chef)                               후식

1. Banana Fritter 튀김 바나나  7.00 
2. Fried Ice Cream 튀김 아이스크림 7.00
3. Fruit Salad and Ice Cream  과일 샐러드 아이스크림 6.00
4. Nut Sundae (Chocolate, Caramel or Strawberry)  땅콩 소프트 아이스크림 5.00

5. Special Steam Boat Dessert

Chocolate Hotpot (Minimum Two People)

초콜릿 신설로 후식 7.80

Banana, Apple, Pineapple and Marshmellows prepared with Tia Maria and Cream Coasted with cooking chocolate Per Person

6. Ginseng Tea 인삼 차 3.50
7. Tea or Coffee 차 커피 2.00

(All Prices GST Inclusive)